All Star Defense

#Course NameCourse Description
ATH 100Acceleration & Deceleration IBe distinctly different than your competition by developing your proficiency at being able to start and stop with and without a basketball.
ATH 110Linear COD for MovementGain the understanding and skills required to change direction in a more precise manner. Develop habits while cutting at angles between 0-90 degrees and then progress to angles 90-180 degrees. Establish a physically strong base while gaining an advantage through multiple types of explosive pivots.
DEF 100Defensive Command IHave command as a defender on and off the ball. Shape a defensive demeanor to always be the aggressor no matter your team’s philosophy or the athletic ability of your opponent.
DEF 130Guarding a Ball handler ILearn how to have a presence on the ball. Maintain consistent cushion no matter how the offensive player changes speed or direction. Contest without fouling.
ATH 120Vertical CODExplore the squat and lunge, as well as jumping and landing. Attain a greater understanding of how these activities relate to basketball. Develop technique, endurance, and strength in these areas to prevent injury and become more dynamic.
DEF 110Off Ball DefenseBuild the habit of moving on the pass, develop closeouts, and gain understanding for guarding a cutter.