All Star Point Guard

#Course NumberCourse Description
ATH 100Acceleration & Deceleration IBe distinctly different than your competition by developing your proficiency at being able to start and stop with and without a basketball.
ATH 110Linear COD for MovementGain the understanding and skills required to change direction in a more precise manner. Develop habits while cutting at angles between 0-90 degrees and then progress to angles 90-180 degrees. Establish a physically strong base while gaining an advantage through multiple types of explosive pivots.
PLA 100Getting the BallExplore the many ways you can get the ball so that you can have the opportunity to make a play with it. Learn how to slow the game down in your head, anticipate what is going to happen next, and make the toughest catches with poise and with two hands.
PLA 110Beginning Ball handling and FakesBegin to gain control of the basketball in this stationary ball handling course which includes both ball control and passing. Examine the simplest ways to gain an advantage over the defense who is on and off the ball.
PLA 130Beginning DribblingBegin to gain the ability to control possessions by developing dribbling skills in goal oriented situations.
PLA 120Beginning PassingExamine different ways to pass the ball to a teammate as well techniques to insure your pass is on time and on target.