How Do You Own It?

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How Do You Own It?

If my philosophy is going to be compete together and defend, I can’t lose my religion if someone makes a bad pass if they are competing together and defending. 

If my philosophy is to focus on the process I have to be excited for the team if we play well and lose.

If my philosophy is win or else, I have to be excited for the team, even if we play poorly and win.

if my philosophy is 3’s and layups and someone doesn’t take an open 3, I have to go crazy.  

No one has a perfect philosophy. If there was one, it would be the only one out there.  Therefore, you must be intentional in how you react when your philosophy doesn’t work out. Because there will be a time when it doesn’t.

It’s easy to own your philosophy when everything works out according to plan.  How do you own your philosophy when it doesn’t?


Aram Parunak

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