Learn all about the recruiting process from former college coaches.

Recruiting Guidance

What is it?

Our recruiting course provides answers to your questions about the recruiting process. It is written by current and former college coaches and players who know what it takes to get recruited. You will have homework to complete before you're able to move to the next lesson. The homework will guide you through the next steps in your recruiting process.

Along with the course, you can have a personal advisor to help you along the way. We will schedule two conference calls each month to discuss your specific situation and what you need to do. We will answer your questions and make sure you're doing things the right way.

Our Gold Prospect Club is only available to a select few athletes. We will take personal responsibility for your recruitment and guide you every step of the way including directly connecting you with coaches. In other words, we do a lot of the work for you.

The sooner you start, the more likely you are to get recruited.

How do I know it works?

The reality is that if you're not good enough, it won't work. However, if you're good enough and don't do these things correctly, your recruiting experience will be stressful and you might miss out on opportunities.

Who are we?

Your instructor(s) will have at least 10 years of collegiate basketball coaching/playing experience.

Gold Prospect Club

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Are You Good Enough?
Questions to Ask
Eligibility Requirements
How Important is Video
Creating Your Brand
Campus Visit Guidance
Exposure Recommendations
Coaching Interviews
How Scholarships Really Work
Recruiting Yourself
Choosing a School
Path Recommendations
Connections with coaches
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