Fundamental Skills and Athleticism (Episode 16)

Fundamental Skills and Athleticism WIthout any scientific research to really back this up, I would wager two different points regarding fundamental skills and athleticism. Most people refer to fundamental skills as passing, dribbling and shooting and maybe screening and defense Most… Read More

Mission, Vision, Purpose (Episode 13)

Hoops College Mission Vision & Purpose Mission Using basketball, we educate to develop and expose greatness. Hoops College believes that there is greatness in everyone.  However, many people hold themselves back. In addition, there are tons of rumors and bad… Read More

Communicate With Your Team During Games (Episode 12)

Communicate With Your Team During Games Coaches often use timeouts as opportunities to communicate with their teams, but there are many other opportunities and ways to communicate without calling a timeout. There are at least 50 dead balls in every… Read More

Team Building in the Off Season ft. Jimmy Garrity (Episode 10)

Team Building We all want our teams to have good chemistry. Most coaches want them to become better people off the court as well as on the court.  Coach Garrity at Wofford University discusses a team building program that he… Read More

Changing My Least Favorite Part of Practice (Episode 6)

Changing My Least Favorite Part of Practice Here are 8 reasons why you might dread a certain part of practice.  In this episode we discuss some strategies to help you address these situations. Your players probably enjoy your favorite part… Read More