Training Philosophy

  1. You must be an active participant in order to improve.
    Translation: You will move 90% of the time when you work with us.  If you’re standing around, you’re not getting better. Our training sessions will last 45 minutes or less, but it will be extremely intense and fast paced. If you need a break during that time, then maybe you need to get in better shape. Training that lasts longer than that should be broken into multiple sessions in order to maximize growth.
  2. Training means learning.
    Translation: Nobody is elite at everything. Everyone can get better at something.  If you want a workout, you don’t need a trainer.  You just need to get in the gym and go hard.  If you want to train, you have to be ready and willing to learn, physically and mentally.
  3. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.
    Translation: Do you need to learn something new to grow your game?  Do you need to learn how to do something that you already do 1% better? Either way, it’s those little details that make good players into great players and great players elite ones.
  4. If you’re not failing, you’re not getting better.
    Translation: Life and basketball are all about growth. The best way to improve is too fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not going hard enough and you’re not getting better.
  5. If you’re doing it right, you’re in your comfort zone.
    Translation: Yes you want to do it right. But once you learn how to do it right, you have to stretch yourself and do it better. You have to get out of your comfort zone every day in order to improve.  
  6. If you’re doing it wrong, then you’re learning how to do it better..
    Translation: We don’t want you to do it wrong on purpose. We want you to do it better than you did last time, which means you might mess up along the way.
  7. If you’re training everything, then you aren’t training anything.
    Translation: If you’re focused on everything then you’re not focused on anything. When you train with us, we will focus on one thing.  You will get better at one thing. We will find a lot of different ways for you to work on that one thing.
  8. True confidence comes from working through adversity.
    Translation: If you’re confident then you’ve failed and overcome that adversity so many times that you’re not worried about failing again. Building confidence comes from the right combination of working hard and working smart.  
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